New Vision Consulting

About us

NEW VISION CONSULTING  provides a comprehensive approach to structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders, including importers, exporters, and trading companies. NVC’s experienced team understands that providing trade finance in today’s volatile global markets demands creativity and flexibility. As such, NVC utilizes an array of trade and export finance instruments to mitigate unnecessary credit risks while increasing clients’ access to working capital. NVC provides specialized supply chain finance facilities, tailored to the specifics of each deal.  NVC’s general services typically fall into one of the following four (6) categories:

  1.  Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC)

  2.  Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)

  3.  Bank Guarantees (BG)

  4.  SWIFT messaging.

In keeping with NVC’s mission statement, NVC’s team tailors each instrument to meet the requirements of each transaction. By providing the highest quality services to clients and partners, NVC maintains an unparalleled reputation among the international trade community.
From the first moment of contact,  NVC will guide you through the different stages of your deal, until the transaction is finalized.

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